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Is Kella a Mary Ann or Ginger? Will she streak or keep the trench coat tied securely at the waist? Check out the Plotting Princesses‘ blog to learn more about Kella.

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Jady Royal’s long-anticipated homecoming turns into a frightening reunion when white-collar crime targets Mountain Blue, Colorado. Saving the family business and keeping her prized Labrador puppies safe becomes her top priority, but instead of helping, the police ask way too many questions for comfort, and she’s left wondering if she needs a lawyer or worse . . . an alibi.

Agent Asher Kilberry promises the distraught, yet adorable, suspect that he’ll bring the real criminal to justice. Solving a case this big would no doubt end his deferment; it was also the exact type of case that landed him on suspension in the first place. Refusing to make the same mistake twice, he uses every resource at his disposal to keep her safe and alleviate her fears and then makes it his personal mission to see to it that she not only trusts men again but also agrees to warm his bed during these icy cold Rocky Mountain nights . . . eventually.

She knows the town; he knows procedure. Head to head and heart to heart they set to rid the town of malice.

Warning: sexual content.